11 Seasonal Items to Keep in Storage

If you want to de-clutter your house or apartment and make the most out of your available storage space, consider moving some of your seasonal items to a self-storage unit. Nearly 10 percent of households rent a storage unit for things they need but don’t have room for in their homes. Here are 11 seasonal items you can store for much of the year, along with tips to keep them in good condition while you store them.

1. Winter Coats and Accessories

Keep a small garment rack in your storage facility to hang up bulky winter coats during the warm months and save space in your closet. Before storing winter coats, make sure you have them professionally cleaned to remove odors and dirt. Instead of keeping them in the plastic dry cleaning bag, use a cloth one so the items can breathe.

2. Skiing Equipment

To properly store your skiing and snowboarding equipment, make sure it’s all cleaned, waxed, and in good repair before storing it away for the warm months. Store polls upright, but store the skis laying down flat on their sides.

3. Christmas Trees

A typical Christmas tree is around 7-feet tall, so this is probably one of the biggest items you can put in self-storage to free up space in your home. When you’re taking down your tree, store it in a bag or the original box to make it both comfortable to carry and protect it from damage.

4. Holiday Ornaments and Decorations

Along with Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations only get used for a few weeks each year. Wrap breakables in newspaper or bubble wrap, and pack them in sturdy storage containers or moving boxes that have dividers in them, like what you would use for packing drinking glasses. Store these with your tree so you can find them easily.

5. Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Unless you live in a warm climate, your outdoor furniture is probably getting neglected during the winter. Exposure to wind, cold, and snow can shorten the life of your furniture, especially wicker and wooden items. Storing it in a climate controlled facility will prevent damage so you can enjoy it for years to come.

6. Kids’ Outdoor Toys

Instead of trying to find a place to put the tricycles, water table, and big wheel, take summer outdoor toys to your self-storage unit. Make sure they are clean and free of dust and moisture to prevent odors, rust, or mildew before you store them away for several months.

7. Fishing Equipment

Self-storage is the perfect solution for stashing bulky fishing rods and tackle boxes. However, you don’t want to set poles against the wall. Instead cut a hole wide enough for the pole in the top of a sturdy box that’s between two and three feet tall, and let it stand upright.

8. Beach and Pool Equipment

Before putting pool floats, beach towels, and other beach items away for the season, it’s important to make sure you throw out anything damaged. For everything else, rinse off sand and chlorine and let dry completely. Inflatable items can be deflated and rolled up to save space, then kept in a labeled tote.

9. Snowmobile

If you don’t have garage space, self-storage is perfect for large items like a snowmobile. Just make sure you measure it first to ensure you rent the appropriately-sized unit. Then clean it and remove the battery, so it doesn’t get damaged.

10. Jet Ski

Like a snowmobile, self-storage is ideal for a jet ski. In storage, a jet ski will be protected from the elements and theft while saving you space. Before storing it, clean the exterior, remove the battery, and drain all the fuel out of it.

11. Motorcycle

If you live in a climate with severe winters, you won’t be riding your motorcycle, and you won’t want to keep it outside all winter long. Just like the snowmobile and jet ski, you’ll need to drain the fuel and clean it up before storing it. Also, you will want to find a storage facility that is climate controlled to keep it in good shape.