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  • Seasonal Storage Manhattan
    11 Seasonal Items to Keep in Storage

    If you want to de-clutter your house or apartment and make the most out of your available storage space, consider moving some of your seasonal items to a self-storage unit. Nearly 10 percent of households rent a storage unit for things they need but don’t have room for in their homes. Here are 11 seasonal

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  • Storage Unit Organization
    Practical Ways to Keep Your Self Storage Unit Organized

    You’ve bitten the bullet and rented a storage unit – congrats! This is an excellent first step in organizing not only your belongings but also organizing your living space. The hard part – going through the process of sorting your belongings and deciding what to put in the storage unit – is over, and now

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  • Reasons for Self Storage
    Top 5 Reasons People Use Self Storage Units in NYC

    In 2016, self-storage was estimated to be a $32.7 billion a year industry, with an estimated 2.63 billion square feet of available storage space (and growing!). That’s enough space to provide every man, woman and child in the US with 8.32 square feet of storage. Remarkably, in the last 40 years, the amount of living

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  • 7-self-storage-tips
    7 Self Storage Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Unit

    Whether you have accepted an out-of-town job assignment, are planning an extended vacation, or are just downsizing, there may be a time when you need extra storage. Whatever type of storage you need, here are some tips for making the most of your storage unit. 1. Choose the Right Unit Choose the proper-sized unit to

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  • Art and Painting Storage Tips
    5 Steps for Safe Storage of Your Art Collection

    There may come a time when you need to place some of your artwork into storage. Whether you are an artist, an art collector, or just have a few nice paintings, you want to make sure your investment is protected. Here are five tips for placing your artwork into long-term storage. 1. Clean It Up

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  • 7 Things Not to Put in Storage
    7 Things You Should Never Put in Storage

    While our New York City storage facilities offer a safe and secure way to store many household and commercial items, there are some things that should never be placed in a storage unit. Here are the top 7: 1. Humans Our NYC self storage rates are cheap, especially when compared to the cost per square

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