• Prep Furniture for Storage
    6 Steps to Prep Wooden Furniture for Storage

    Quality wooden furniture can last for centuries with the proper care. If you find you need to place your wood furniture into long-term storage, a few simple steps can help protect and preserve your investment. Even if your furniture is not heirloom quality, you still want pieces to look good and be functional after you

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  • tips-storing-furniture-nyc
    Steps for Properly Storing Your Furniture

    Whether you’re between apartments, tight on space, or in the midst of a home renovation, there are many times that call for putting some of your extra belongings in storage. While you should always take care when packing a storage unit, when it comes to storing furniture, there are a few extra steps that should

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  • how-long-things-last-storage
    How Long Will My Things Last in Storage?

    If you’re looking for a long-term storage solution for your belongings, finding a secure, climate-controlled storage facility is key. Most of the common items people place in storage are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and need to be properly stored to guard against pests, dust, moisture, and other harmful elements. If you start by renting an

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