Storage Unit Size Calculator

Imperial Self Storage offers a wide range of storage units to meet your needs, from storage lockers to larger units capable of storing the contents of an entire home. To calculate the residential or commercial storage you need for your home or business, reference our table of storage sizes below:

SizeDimensionsResidential ContentsCommercial Contents
Storage LockerN/A With 10-20 cubic feet of space, storage lockers are perfect for storing luggage, a handful of boxes, or other small household items.Storage lockers are perfect for storing a small number of business document boxes.
X-Small5′ x 5′This mini-storage unit gives you 25 square feet of space, which is approximately the size of a walk-in closet. Our extra small unit is perfect for storing your out-of-season wardrobe, sports equipment, extra boxes, home décor, a side table, a coffee table, an armchair, or even a twin-sized mattress.Great for storing document boxes, this tiny storage unit can accommodate between 30-40 standard file boxes.
Small5′ x 10′With 50 square feet of space, this unit has enough room to store an entire bedroom, including a bed, wardrobe, side tables, and chairs. It is also just enough room for a couch, a patio set, a motorcycle and bikes, or garden tools.Perfect for documents or limited quantities of inventory, this unit can accommodate between 50-90 boxes depending on whether or not shelving is used. Alternatively, this could also hold the furniture from a single office or cubicle.
Medium10′ x 10′The size of an average bedroom, a medium storage unit has enough capacity to store the contents of a one-bedroom apartment: bed set, dresser, coffee table, couch, chairs, kitchen table, washer/dryer, appliances, plus boxes.This unit can hold between 100 and 170 standard file boxes, or furniture from a couple of offices plus boxes.
Large10′ x 15′This roomy storage unit has enough space to store the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment. Alternatively, this unit is the ideal size for a compact vehicle.A large unit has room for somewhere between 150 and 300 file boxes depending on whether you opt for shelves or aisle space. This is also an ideally sized unit for storing equipment, desks, tables, and chairs.
X-Large10′ x 20′In comparison to the large unit, the x-large unit has 50 extra square feet of space, making this unit perfect for storing the furnishings of a 2-bedroom apartment plus appliances. It can also accommodate a small vehicle, with extra room for some boxes or bikes.Easily store between 200 and 400 file boxes in our extra-large storage unit. Alternatively, use the space for storing desks, chairs, and other office furniture.
XX-Large10′ x 30′Roughly half the size of the average Manhattan studio apartment, our double XL unit has 300 square feet of space. There’s enough room to store the contents of a three-bedroom home, or alternatively, a vehicle plus select pieces of furniture or appliances.This roomy storage space is great for people like caterers who need lots of room for stacking chairs, tables, and linens, or for businesses that need a temporary solution for office furniture or equipment. With 300 square feet of space, this unit can easily accommodate hundreds of file boxes as well.
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