Practical Ways to Keep Your Self Storage Unit Organized

You’ve bitten the bullet and rented a storage unit – congrats! This is an excellent first step in organizing not only your belongings but also organizing your living space. The hard part – going through the process of sorting your belongings and deciding what to put in the storage unit – is over, and now it’s time to move in. Here are some practical tips to not only get your storage unit organized but keep it that way!

Make A List of What’s in The Unit

Nothing’s worse than starting to decorate for the holidays, only to discover that half the ornaments and all your lights are still in the storage unit. As you move items into your storage space, make a list of everything that you’ll be putting in there; this can either be on a spreadsheet or in a note-taking app on your phone. Also, make sure to clearly label each box so you can instantly see what’s there when you’re in the unit.

Be Clear on What You’re Using the Unit For

As you organize your unit, don’t forget to also think about the purpose of renting the space. You want to make sure that your storage unit has a clearly defined purpose so you’re not tempted to just move things there in an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Are you using it to store holiday decorations during the off-season? Will you be collecting glasses and silverware from your mom’s house as she moves? Do you need wine storage? Are your college-age kids looking for a place to put store furniture and bedding from school at the end of the spring semester? Giving the unit a purpose not only makes it easy to organize, it also reduces stress by setting parameters for its use.

Label, Label, Label

As previously mentioned, label every box, lampshade, and piece of furniture that’s going to go in the unit before you put it there. Make a note of what function the item serves or what room it goes in to make it easy to find when you take it out. Use a permanent marker to label your boxes (you can use painter’s tape to make labels for more delicate items) and make sure to write in big capital letters! And don’t forget to leave the labels facing out, so you don’t have to do as much bending and stretching to look for what the box contains.

Make A Path Through the Unit

As you move into and organize your unit, making a pathway is just as important as defining the storage unit’s purpose. You don’t want to have to wade through a sea of heavy boxes just to get to the tree topper on the back shelf! Try creating an aisle through the middle of the unit so it’s easy to get to the shelves on either side and keep the items you get out most often at the front of the unit. Another good idea is to make a diagram of the unit, so as you move things in and out you can maintain organizational flow.

By following these easy tips, you’ll have your self-storage unit organized in no time.