7 Prettiest Locations in Manhattan NYC

The non-stop energy of New York City is exciting, but you may find yourself needing a break. Below are seven of the city’s most beautiful and serene spots, where we enjoy getting away from the busyness of the metropolis:

1. The Cloisters

The peaceful gardens of The Cloisters are the perfect place to escape Manhattan. Found on the top of a hill in Fort Tryon Park, this lovely greenspace overlooks the Hudson River. In addition to the beautiful views, you can enjoy flower, plant, and herb gardens that would have grown in The Middle Ages.

2. Central Park

Once you visit Central Park you will understand why it is the United States’ most visited urban park. Here you can stroll along the walking paths, enjoy the bridle trails, or test out the two ice skating rinks while forgetting that you are in the middle of the Big Apple. The zoo, conservatory, and wildlife sanctuary are beautiful areas where you can slow down and catch your breath.

3. High Line

This 1.45-mile long linear park sits atop an elevated portion of an unused New York City Railroad spur. Here you can take a seat and enjoy the stunning overlooks of 10th Avenue Square or the Meatpacking District. Strolling through the small forest of the Chelsea Thicket will make you forget you are in the city.

4. The Gardens at St. Luke in the Fields

This quiet spot is located on Hudson Street. It comprises two-thirds of an acre that has been transformed into an oasis filled with lawns, walkways, and gardens. Several native flora and rare hybrids are found growing here. You may even catch a glimpse of the many migrating birds that the flowers and berries attract each year.

5. Elevated Acre

The Elevated Acre, in the heart of the Financial District, is one of New York City’s best-kept secrets with beautiful views of the skyline and Brooklyn waterfront. Free Wi-Fi makes this a great spot to get some work done in peace, and families love it for picnics as well as a place where the kids to play.

6. Riverside Park

Riverside Park stretches for four miles along the Hudson River. The landscaping includes elm tree groves, groomed lawns, and rocky precipices not usually found in an urban setting. The skate park, sports courts, and bike trails make this a favorite among athletic visitors. You will find this an excellent place to both sit and take in the scenery and embrace the openness seldom found in NYC.

7. Bryant Park

You will find Bryant Park a few steps from the library between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, where it serves as an outdoor reading room for library patrons. Four concessions offer refreshments for your convenience as well as free Wi-Fi. Join a game of Chinese Chess in the game area or take a ride on Le Carrousel. If this park wasn’t surrounded by NYC’s buildings, you would completely forget you are in the city.

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