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  • Seasonal Storage Manhattan
    11 Seasonal Items to Keep in Storage

    If you want to de-clutter your house or apartment and make the most out of your available storage space, consider moving some of your seasonal items to a self-storage unit. Nearly 10 percent of households rent a storage unit for things they need but don’t have room for in their homes. Here are 11 seasonal

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  • Classic Car Storage
    What to Know About Classic Car Storage

    The Classic Car Club of America identifies a classic car as one that is fine or distinctive and built between 1915 and 1948. Some classic car enthusiasts have a more liberal interpretation of what meets the definition of a “classic”, including models after 1948. Whether your classic is a 1929 Lincoln L Sport Phaeton or

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  • Commercial Storage Unit
    Businesses That Can Benefit from Commercial Storage Space

    Everyone can benefit from having a little extra storage space. That’s especially true for businesses, which have unique storage needs to consider. Ahead, learn more about how you can maximize your storage space – and help make your business run more smoothly. 1. Party Rental Companies You bring the fun to children’s birthday parties and

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  • Bronx Neighborhoods
    Our List of the Best Neighborhoods in the Bronx

    Finding the perfect neighborhood in New York City isn’t easy, especially with its notoriously difficult housing market. While housing and rent prices are climbing all over the city, one borough remains a hidden gem: the Bronx. New York’s northernmost borough, the Bronx is just south of Westchester County and north of the borough of Queens.

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  • Storage Unit Organization
    Practical Ways to Keep Your Self Storage Unit Organized

    You’ve bitten the bullet and rented a storage unit – congrats! This is an excellent first step in organizing not only your belongings but also organizing your living space. The hard part – going through the process of sorting your belongings and deciding what to put in the storage unit – is over, and now

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  • Experience Queens New York City
    7 Quintessential Experiences in Queens New York City

    When most people think of New York, they think of the flashing lights of Broadway, the Empire State Building, and other Manhattan landmarks. Those same people, NYC residents included, tend to overlook Queens when it comes to exploring the city. However, this borough is a destination in its own right, with a great selection of

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  • Motorcycle and Vehicle Storage Tips
    5 Things to Know About Long-Term Motorcycle Storage

    One of the most challenging things about owning a motorcycle is what to do with it when you can’t ride it. If you live in a region that faces particularly harsh winters or you live in New York and don’t want to deal with the parking, you’re going to have to put your bike into

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  • Prep Furniture for Storage
    6 Steps to Prep Wooden Furniture for Storage

    Quality wooden furniture can last for centuries with the proper care. If you find you need to place your wood furniture into long-term storage, a few simple steps can help protect and preserve your investment. Even if your furniture is not heirloom quality, you still want pieces to look good and be functional after you

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  • Living in Brooklyn NYC
    6 Things to Love About Living in Brooklyn

    Brooklyn features walkable neighborhoods, tight-knit communities, and abundant parks. It also has vibrant art, culture, and food scenes, as well as an exciting nightlife. Families, artists, and young professionals are relocating across the East River to this vibrant, diverse NYC borough. If you are considering a move, the following is a short list of things

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  • Reasons for Self Storage
    Top 5 Reasons People Use Self Storage Units in NYC

    In 2016, self-storage was estimated to be a $32.7 billion a year industry, with an estimated 2.63 billion square feet of available storage space (and growing!). That’s enough space to provide every man, woman and child in the US with 8.32 square feet of storage. Remarkably, in the last 40 years, the amount of living

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