10 Things You Should Consider Putting in Storage Today

Tired of clothes crammed into closets and cabinets filled to the brim? If you’re short on space or your storage spaces are overflowing, it probably means you’re due for a decluttering. While some unused or unwanted belongings should be donated or simply tossed, there may be some infrequently used items, like heirlooms, sentimental pieces, or seasonal things, that should be stored away for future use. Rather than letting these things accumulate and take up room in your current living space, have you considered renting a cheap self-storage unit? By decluttering your apartment and getting organized, you can have a fresh start in 2017! To help you get started, here are our ideas for ten things you should put in storage today:

1. Seasonal Clothing

Most closets in NYC are too small to accommodate a full year’s wardrobe, and when it’s a blustery ten degrees out, there’s simply no need to have tank tops and sundresses within quick reach. Now is a great time to put all your summery clothes into storage; then, when spring arrives, you can swap them out for all your winter coats, scarves, and gloves. We recommend storing clothing in large plastic bins to best preserve your wardrobe for next season.

Get your apartment decluttered just in time for the New Year!
Get your apartment decluttered just in time for the New Year!

2. Holiday Decorations

Holiday lights, Christmas trees, plastic jack-o-lanterns, and festive dinnerware definitely don’t need to be accessible year-round. It’s best to keep these holiday items in a storage unit until the right season arrives.

3. China

Perhaps you inherited a set or two of fine china or silverware that you simply have no use for, but don’t want to part with for sentimental reasons. Storage is the perfect solution for protecting keepsakes like this for you to pass on to future generations.

4. Furniture

Have you been hanging on to a futon for a future guest room or a desk for a yet-to-be-finished home office? Instead of cluttering your current living spaces, store unused furniture until you finally get around to completing that home improvement project.

5. Space Heaters and Air Conditioners

Portable space heaters and AC units can take up a lot of space when not in use, so it’s best to put them in storage during the off-months. Make sure to remove any batteries from electronics before storing to avoid battery corrosion.

6. Antiques

Antiques tend to increase in value the longer you hold onto them, but it’s not always a good idea to display them around your home (especially if you have small children!). If you have a lot of antiques, consider placing some of them in storage to save space. Using a climate controlled storage unit will also help protect fragile items such as furniture, art pieces, quilts, and figurines.

Winterize even the smallest of bikes with a climate-control storage unit.
Winterize even the smallest of bikes with a climate-control storage unit.

7. Bicycles

If you own a bicycle and live in a seasonal climate, like those of us in New York, you probably don’t use it much when it snows or ices over. It’s a good idea to store your bicycle during the winter months to keep it safely out of the elements and out of the way.

8. Files and Papers

Whether you have stacks of business files, personal documents, tax returns, or your child’s school papers, placing them in storage is a great way to declutter. Before storing, be sure to wrap all papers in plastic to protect them from moisture or heat.

9. Books and Textbooks

Whether you can’t bring yourself to part with old textbooks, or you’re simply a bookworm with a growing collection, if you have books that go unused for long stretches, storage is a great solution to free up space on your shelves. We recommend boxing up books in small to medium boxes so they aren’t too heavy to lift.

10. Children’s Toys & Clothing

Between birthdays and holidays, most children accumulate more toys and clothing than they could possibly need. Storage is a great way to cut down on the clutter, while allowing you to hang on to future hand-me-downs and bits of nostalgia.